Frequently Asked Questions

What is Resale Rewards?

Resale Rewards is our mobile application for iPhone and Android devices that allow you to keep track of rewards, coupons and find locations nearby.

How do I Join?

Two simple ways to join:

  1. Go to your phone's app store and search for the following: Resale Rewards and download the app.

  2. At your next store visit, provide your mobile phone number with your order so you can receive a text message to join the program.

Why do I need to provide my phone number?

The phone number is used at the point-of-sale in order to track your purchases toward earning rewards. It is used as a way to identifu each customr only. Besides that first time text to join the program, we won't text message you again.

I don't have a smartphone... can I join?

Customers that do not have a Smartphone can still participate in the Resale Rewards program by providing their non-smartphone or landline phone # to the cashier at the Point of Sale (as usual). When a non-smartphone user ‘redeems’ a coupon they will need to ask Merchants to check for available coupons in Liberty and obtain coupon codes through the Merchant portal at

Will my smartphone work?

The app is made available for iPhones and iPod Touch capable of running iOS7 (or later) and Android phone running 4.0 (or later).

Do rewards ever expire?

Rewards are available for 60 days from the date they were earned.

Can you use multiple rewards in a single purchase?

Yes! If you have earned multiple coupons, you can use them together on 1 transaction. (*No refunds will be given for partially used coupons.)

What System Requirements do I need to run the Resale Rewards program?

The Resale Rewards program is a unique universal program available to all Liberty 4 Consignment Merchants.

**Minimum system requirements - Liberty version 4.6**

Are there any contracts or monthly minimums to run the Resale Rewards program?

Absolutely not! There are NO contracts, NO monthly minimums, and NO upfront costs. We want you to feel there is no risk in providing a state-of-the-art Customer Loyalty Program to your clients.

Are there any additional costs if I want to offer special incentives to my customers?

Not at all! We have several coupon templates from you to choose from to market special offers, events or other promotions you want to provide your loyal customers.

What if no one uses the coupons that my store issued?

It's important for us to see you succeed with the Resale Rewards program, therefore, you only pay when you succeed!

Your store pays $0 for 'expired coupons'!

Resale Rewards is a great tool that gives your store the same competitive advantage as 'the big stores' and will help you attract new customers and keep your loyal customers coming back again and again!

How much will the Resale Rewards program cost?

The Math is Simple! partners with your store and helps share the overall cost of the program!!

Submit a request for a Resale Rewards Representative to contact you with more information and we'll be happy to review how everything works!